Lonsdor New Product: LKE emulator for Toyota Lexus smart key

Lonsdor LKE emulator is new released product by Lonsdor Company, It is for Toyota Lexus smart key all lost, working together with Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer.

The Feature of Lonsdor LKE emulator:

Lonsdor LKE emulator has many capabilities such as: collect data(sent from automobile ignition coil) to detect the coil fault and decode car keys; simulate key chip(4D and 46 chip are supported currently and more.

LKE adopts low-power design, and has CR2032 button battery installed externally, which is easy to replace batteries and can avoid damage to casing.

Lonsdor LKE emulator has the following capabilities that SKE emulator doesn’t have, that means Lonsdor LKE is more powerful than SKE emulator


No need to dismantle
Can work without network connection
Localized computing

2.Generate chip

LKE can be used to work as an emergency key to program when no dedicated chip.

3.Copy chip

By collecting data to decode and copy chip, LKE currently supports some 46 and 4D chip copy.

4.Simulate and convert chip

Use Lonsdor K518ISE[Generate chip] to make various chips, part of 4D/46 and SKE Toyota
currently supported.

5.Decode chip

Decode 46 and 4D chips to obtain SK.

6.Identify ignition coil and key chip type(all key lost)7.As K518 helper:

Achieve programming key without PIN for Hyundai and KiaAchieve programming key without PIN for BYD
Achieve programming key without PIN for Porsche Cayman(2005-2010)and boxster.