Lonsdor JLR IMMO Registration and Activation

July 19, 2018 K518ise 0

LONSDOR JLR IMMO Registration and Activation: (1) Please enter the site: http://u.lonsdor.com/jlrimmo/login ① Login Users with an account of a Lonsdor tool: input account, password and verification code to login. Users without  a Lonsdor account: click on [Register] and follow prompt messages to complete registration, then log in. ② Device bound to an account After login success, check system prompts when device boots. Input the device No. & registration code as per prompts, and set up a password for the device. Click on [Submit] to bind to the device. (2) After bind device successfully, enter the site: http://u.lonsdor.com ① Click on the JLR-IMMO button, click on [Get activation code], confirm that device No. shown on the webpage is consistent with actualdevice No. Click on [Submit] to get activation code. ② Input device No. on webpage to the device to activate it.

Lonsdor K518ISE Update European Vehicle Makes and Models

May 7, 2018 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Update European Vehicle Makes and Models on May.5,2018. Details: PEUGEOT  PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\1007\Immobilizer\Type 3 PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\308\Immobilizer\Type 2 PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\4008(China)\Smart Key PEUGEOT\Select […]

Lonsdor K518ISE Update Immobilization of American Vehicles

May 3, 2018 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518ISE Update Immobilization of American Vehicles on May.3, 2018. FORD FORD\Remote System LINCOLN  LINCOLN\Navigator\Remote System HUMMER  HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming\Type2\2008-2009 HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming Method\2003-2007 HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming Method\2008-2009 DODGE DODGE\Mechanical […]