How to unlock Lonsdor FT01 Smart key

November 7, 2019 K518ise 0

What’s Lonsdor FT01 smart key? Lonsdor FT01 series smart key is applied for Toyota/Lexus, there are three types incl. FT01-0020 and FT01-2110. PCBA Board P4 Info. Frequency Button Factory […]

FT01 Series Smart Key Application Instruction

September 6, 2019 K518ise 0

Lonsdor smart key can be applied to the following three types of smart keys.Including FT01-0020 and FT01-2110. PCBA board:FT01-0020-P4[00008888],Frequency:[314.35/315.10] Three button [lock,unlock,trunk] PCBA board:FT01-2110-P4[0000A8A8],Frequency:[314.35/315.10] Three […]