Lonsdor K518ise Firmware Update Instruction

Tutorial: Lonsdor K518ise key programmer firmware update

Step 1: Download and unzip the attached file, you will get

Folder “phoenixSuit” and file “sun8iw5p1_android_dvk3.img”

Step 2: Install “PhoenixSuit_CN.msi” and the run the app PhoenixSuit

Step 3: Use a USB cable to connect your K518ISE to a computer

Step 4:

① Click on the button in red first

② Click on the button in black next

③ Find out the file “sun8iw5p1_android_dvk3.img”

and click it (marked in red, step 1).

④ Then click the button marked in black (step 2).

Step 5: Hold on the power key and you will see interface below.

Click on the button marked in red.

And immediately hold on the volume+ key until you see a progress bar in the computer.

Step 6: Two windows will pop up, just click on YES.

Step 7: Update Lonsdor K518ise firmware successfully.

Pull out the USB cable and wait the device to automatically repair.

Step 8: Don’t touch the device.

You will see a white screen and there are two buttons (set up WIFI and update).

Step 9: Set up WIFI and then update. The problem will be solved after updating.