Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Package Introduction

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Package has 16 parts including K518ISE main host and K518ise accessories.

Lonsdor K518 package detail list:

1* Portable Bag(big),1*Main Host,1*Power Adaptor,1*USB Cable,1*Packing Bundle,1*OBD Test Cable,1*Extra Connector,1*User Manual,1*Portable Bag(small),1*KPROG Adapter,1*RN-01 Board,1*E-01 Board,1*FS-01 Board,1*20P Cable,5*Backup Pin,1*Certificate.

Lonsdor K518ISE main host introduction:

Lonsdor K518ISE main unit is built-in professional, powerful operation assistant system,based on Android, Equipped with 7 inches high brightness, high definition color IPS capacitive screen. With WIFI,USB-2.0 standard connector,OBD-II test cable integrated with the diagnostic connector function of the adapter. Support external memory expansion, better within 32G. Lonsdor K518 Key Programmer is with flat ergonomic design,user can experience more humanized functions.

Lonsdor K518ISE main host detail technical parameter:

RFID Support: 125KHz ASK; 134.2KHz FSK
Battery capacity 3800mAh
CPU ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-core Processor Speed 1.34GHZ
Power supply DC12V 1A
WIFI communication distance 10m
Power port 5.5×2.1mm
Display 1024×600, 7 inch IPS capacitive screen
Memory eMMC 8G RAM 1G
Com port USB2.0-type B
OBDII protocols ISO15765, ISO9141, ISO14230, SAEJ1850, KW1281, VW TP1.6 TP2.0 etc.
KPROG support programming MCU and EEPROM on ECU circuit           board.

Lonsdor K518ISE accessories introdution:

Besides Lonsdor k518 main unit, the main portable bag(the bigger one) includes Power Adaptor, USB Cable, Extra Connector, OBD test cable and Packing Bundle.

The accessory portable bag(the small one) includes KPROG Adapter, RN-01 Board, E-01 Board, FS-01 Board and 20P Cable.