Lonsdor K518ISE Program Toyota Corolla 2012 new key

Lonsdor K518ISE is good choice to program keys. It supports Toyota/Lexus smart key for all key lost via OBD. Here share my experience how to use K518ISE to program a new key for my corolla 2012.

Cost and delivery:
I spent 1100 euro on K518ISE at eobdtool.co.uk. (The price was 1235 euro). All the goods are delivered with free shipping from UK.
The test:
Car: Toyota Corolla 2012
Device: LONDSOR 518ISE

Keys: Original key & blank key

Step 1: Generate Key Chip

Step 2: Program key

Step 3: Add new key

Step 4: Program key remote

Detailed steps…
Step 1: Generate Key Chip

Connect LONDSOR 518ISE to the vehicle via OBD

Insert blank key into the car and turn on the ignition switch

Go to LONDSOR 518ISE Menu

Select “Generate Key Chip”-> “4D chip” -> “Toyota 72G”

Place a blank chip into K518 card slot, then click [OK]

Note: part of chip data will be covered and locked.


Select Mater Key 3 (37), then click [OK]


Step 2: Program key

Return to LONDSOR 518ISE home page

Go to “TOYOTA” -> “Select from vehicle” -> “China” -> “Corolla” -> “2012” -> “Mechanical Key (with G72)”

Click “Reset immobox (all key lost)”

Downloading application…

Begin to reset immobilizer, after resetting, immobox will return to a new state

Then click [OK]

Switch ignition off

Then Switch ignition on

Configuring system…

Switch ignition off and remove key

Switch ignition on

Key programming…

Switch ignition off and remove key

Follow steps below within 120s to program key

Programming complete

Step 3: Add new key

Tap “Add key”

Note: A master key is required before deleting or adding other keys!

How to identify a key is a master or a valet?

Insert key into ignition switch, if security light isn’t bright, that is a master key, if security light goes on for 1 sec and then off, that is a valet.

Insert the programmed original key and switch ignition on

Then click “OK”

Insert the key to be programmed. Don’t turn on the ignition switch. (If fail to program, please try to switch the ignition ON).

Then click “OK”

Wait till the security light goes off, programming complete. Then click “OK”

Step 4: Program key remote

Select “Remote” -> “Program remote”

Switch ignition on

Prompt “Only open the driver’s door, the internal lock is open, close the other doors.”

Then click “OK”

Reading data…

Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons of the remote to be programmed for 2 sec simultaneously within 30 sec, press the lock button once, and click OK to continue

Programming remote complete

Test successfully

Learn more Londor Key Programmer:

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