Lonsdor K518 BMW Update:Support More Cas4/4+/BDC Key Program Function

August 19, 2021 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518 BMW Update:Support More Cas4/4+/BDC Key Program Function BMW CAS4/CAS4+ KEY PROGRAM supports: Programming by OBD for CAS4(5M48H, 1N35H); Direct and fast PRE-PROCESS for CAS4(5M48H, 1N35H); Repair RKE and PKE failure problems via OBD ; Replace CAS4 via OBD; Reset and modify mileage; Repair vehicle starting failure after preprocessing CAS4 or adding new keys. BMW BDC2 KEY PROGRAM supports: G chassis cars Enable/disable key Menu Path: * BMW\Select from type\CAS4/CAS4+\Method 2(OBD)

Lonsdor K518 ALFA ROMEO Update

July 19, 2021 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518 ALFA ROMEO Update on July 16th,2021. Support Asia,Australia,Europe, North America and South America
 vehicles. Giulietta/2010-/Immobilizer Mito/2008-/Immobilizer GT2003-2009mmobilizer 147/2000-2009/immobilizer Brera/2005-2010/immobilizer Spider/2007-2010/immobilizer 159/2006-2011/immobilizer Stelvio/2016-2018/Smart key […]

Lonsodr K518 Update Chevrolet on Dec.09.2020 

December 18, 2020 K518ise 0

Londor K518 Key Programmer Update Chevrolet Vehicle  Dec. 09, 2020: Colorado/2015-2018/Remote/Mechanical key Equinox/2017-2019/Smart key Malibu/2017-2020/Smart key/AII key lost ~ Silverado 1500/2017-/Smart key/AII key lost Silverado […]

Lonsdor K518 Subura Update in OCT.2020

October 14, 2020 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518 key programmer update Subura on Oct.8,2020 Update details: Brz\2012-2019\Smart key Ascent\2019-2020\Smart key Ascent\2018-2019\Mechanical key Crosstrek XV\2014-2019\Smart key Crosstrek XV\2013-2019\Mechanical key Forester\2013-2020\Mechanical key Forester\2018-2020\Smart […]