Lonsdor K518 “Vehicle Connection Failed” Solution

Lonsdor K518ise key programmer shows “vehicle connection failed, please check the connection between the device and vehicle OBD”. How to solve it?

Solution: It mayOBD cable or the DB25 port get problem, need to test them.

OBD cable Test: 3 connectors on OBD cable.

Connector 1: connect K518ISE OBD port;

Connector 2: connect KPROG adaptor

Connector 3: connect the vehicle OBD port

Step 1

Unplug the K518ISE main unit and turn it off

Step 2

Connect the DB25 cable(OBD cable) to k518ISE main unit, using a multimeter and switch to the diode stalls

Step 3

Use the Red pen to touch the metal part

Step 4

Use the black pen to test the resistance of each pin of the vehicle connector


*PIN 1 and 8 should have no resistance; PIN2-7 and 9-16 should have resistance

1.All pins have no resistance, then DB25 cable has a problem

2.Measurement is correct as it supposes to be, and device still can’t communicate with any cars it support, then send back device and OBD cable for repair.