Lonsdor K518 Program Volvo XC60 New Key

Detail step to use Lonsdor K518s to program new keys to Volvo XC60 2012 all keys lost.

Step 1: Read VVDI prog

Select Brand and Chip

Then click on “Connection diagram”

Connect K518ISE with VVDI-PROG

Click on “Read” and then check VVDI PROG

Step 2: Download calculation result

Login Lonsdor Product Service Center from http://u.lonsdor.com

Select k518ise-dev> VOLVO> Smart key (push start)

Choose series “XC60”

Click on “Change”

Select the EEPROM data of KVM file

Then click on “Submit”

Data calculating…

Download the calculation results

Step 3: Connect Lonsdor K518ISE withRN0.1 board

Connect all the devices (Lonsdor K518ISE, RN0.1 board)

Tap Immobilization> VOLVO> XC60> 2009> keyless-go[button start]

Read CEM security data

Note:Please plug external 12V power supply and connect the KPROG adapter to the 15-pin connector on the mainline!

Then click on “OK”

Downloading application…

Enter the name of the file to be saved

Note: Connect RN0.1 board well with main board! Click OK to continue…

Read data…

Step 4: Program key

Put the key into Lonsdor K518ISE

Tap Key recognition & unlocking

Push key slot baffle of the device (to the right).

Put the key to be recognized in key slot.

Then click on “OK”

Prompt the key is locked. Click on “OK” to import CEM security data and unlock

Then continue…

Select the file and click on “OK”

Key unlock complete

Insert the key and start the vehicle

Tap add smart key then follow the instructions

Insert the key to be programmed into the vehicle slot again

Note: Remove the smart key from the slot, and press the unlock button. (If car does not respond, try more times)

Finally test successfully!