Lonsdor K518ISE Calculate The Key Data

With the help of Lonsdor K518ISE product service center, user are free to calculate the key data by themselves as they will without Lonsdor engineer support. Currently this service center is able to calculate the key data of Volvo, Maserati etc.


1.Click on http://u.lonsdor.com, click English or Chinese as you will.

2.Please inputthe email and password (as the same as that you registered K518ISE)

3.Select the product “Lonsdor K518ISE”

4.Selectthe car makeyou want to calculate the key data, for example. Volvo.

5.Choose the key style, for examplethe non-foldingkey which is the common key of S40, C30, C70.

6.Start to calculate the key data

1). Enter the serial number of Lonsdor K518ISE that you are using.

2) Select the car model i.e S40, C30, C70 etc.

3) Enter the right No.(2) data, then the left NO.(1) data.

4) Submit.

Tip: for the for instruction, read the “Help” file at the bottom.

7.The system will automatically calculate the key data and the page will automatically refresh until the result displays.

Tip: If the data was calculated unsuccessfully, check if the data is correct or input in the incorrect position.

8.Lonsdor K518ISE calculate the key data on Volvo with success, click on “Download data”, and enterthe corresponding folderby following the “Operating guide”.

More Tech Support: http://www.lonsdork518.com/service/