BMW CAS4 CAS4+ key programming by Lonsdor K518

BMW CAS4 CAS4+ key programming by Lonsdor K518.

BMW key programmer to use:

Lonsdor K518S / K518ISE

Other programmer like VVDI Prog can read ISN code for CAS4/4+ all key lost


BMW\Select from type\CAS4/CAS4

Key program: dismantle CAS4 to read data with external programmer-> import the data to [customfile] folder in K518 memory-> generate ignition key.

Note: ISN code is required for CAS4/4+ all key lost.

  1. Please dismantle CAS4 immo to read D-FLASH/EEPROM data.(1) CAS4 immo box is located at the left bottom of steering wheel(see below pic).a. Dismantle front dashboard.b. Dismantle cover plate at front of central LCD. You will find 2 screws at both sides.c. Dismantle outlet at right side. Then take out peach wood board after removing 8 nuts inside.d. Pry off small cover plates at both sides of air conditioning control panel. Pull out the control panel after removing 4 screws inside. CAS box is dismantled finally.

  1. Appearance of CAS4 box

  1. Please read E-FLASH/EEPROM data with programmer(select from immo chip type, refer to the wiring) and save it in “bin” format. When reading completed, please import these data to [customfile] folder in K518 memory, then you can operate on the device.


  1. Please complete below operations, after start key is generated and locked successfully:

(1) Take other keys outside car, excluded the newly-generated key.

(2) Put the key close to the induction coil(steering column position in below pic).

(3) Press car start button once, and wait for 15 secs(even if dashboard lights up, you still have to wait for 15 secs).

(4) Test if the new key’s functions work normally.

  1. For CAS4+ all key lost, it requires ISN code to program(dismantle and read engine ECU with external programmer).
  2. If system prompts data write failure, please check the key or induction position. Suggest to use dealer key to program.
  3. For all key lost, you can dismantle the decorative panel on top of rear row, to check remote frequency.
Reference Chip model More details, please check below “Reference”.
Remote type 315 Hz
Key embryo no. 5 series (before 2004): No.18 Others:No. 67
PIN code requirement Require to dismantle and read CAS
Remote generation After key programming complete, remote control will generate automatically.
OBD position Under steering wheel (close to pillar A)



7 series 2001-2005


3 series 2005-2007

5 series 2004-2007

6 series 2003-2008

7 series 2005-2009


1 series 2007-2008

3 series 2007-2009

5 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3+)

6 series 2008-2010(some CAS3+)

Z4 after 2008(some CAS3+)


1 series2009-2012

3 series2009-2012

5 series2008-2010(some CAS3)

6 series2008-2010(some CAS3)

X1 Before 2014

X5 2008-2013

X6 2008-2014

Z4 after 2008(some CAS3)

MINI 2008-201446 chip


5 series 2010-2012

6 series 2010-2012

7 series 2010-2012

X3 after 2012(some CAS4+)

X4 after 2013(some CAS4+)


5 series after 2012

6 series after 2012

7 series after 2012

X3 after 2012(some CAS4)

X4 after 2013(some CAS4)


3 series before 200573 or 44 chip (other 3 series 46 chip)

5 series before 2004No.18

Z4 before 2008

X5 before 2007(some EWS4)


X3 before 2011

X5 before 2007(some EWS3)


46 chip(including common 46 chip):

1 series 2007-2012

3 series 2005-2012

5 series 2004-2010

6 series 2003-2010

7 series 2001-2009

X1 before 2014

X5 2008-2013

X6 2008-2014

Z4 after 2008

MINI 2008-2014

73 or 44 chip:

3 series before 2005

5 series before 2004

X3 before 2011

X5 before 2007

Z4 before 2008

Specific smart key:

5 series after 2010

6 series after 2010

7 series after 2010

X3 after 2012

X4 after 2013