The Chips for Lonsdor KH100

Q: Can the original JMD super chip for Handy Baby and KEYDIY KD-X2 chips be used for Lonsdor KH100?

A: Some chips can. Here share the relevant chips with you.

The chips types can be copied by Lonsdor KH100 remote maker incl.

11/12/13/33/42/46/48/4C/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70E/71/72G/8A(Toyota H)

Note 1:11/12/13: Can be copied to T5/original JMD red super chip/ original JMD king chip 
33: Can be copied to T5/ blank 7935
42: Can be copied to blank 7935
46: Can be copied to LKP46/ CN3/ original JMD red super chip/ original JMD king chip
48: Can be copied to Deputy factory 48
4C/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70E/71/72G: Can be copied to LKP4D/ JMD Red Super Chip (S-JMD) for Handy Baby / original JMD king chip for handy baby
8A (Toyota H) chip: Can be copied to TS21

Note 2:Copy function is encrypted by the chip itself, some original car keys only support reading or editing, not copy. If the original car key does not support copies, the copy button will not appear in the details page.