Lonsdor K518 SSANG YONG Update

May 29, 2019 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518 Update SSANG YONG on May.28,2019, The Update Vehicles including Actyon ,Chairman,Korando,Kyron,Musso,Rexton,Rodus and Tivolan. K518 Update SSANG YONG Detail List: Actyon sports(II)\Diesel\Smart key Actyon […]

Lonsdor K518 Ford Update On May.23

May 23, 2019 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518 Ford Update on May.23 Bypass Pin code Offline Support Area: Europe,India,South America,Australia,Africa,Israel Detail List: FORD\Israel\EDGE\2011-\Smart Key FORD\Israel\EDGE\2011-\Immobilizer FORD\Israel\EXPLORER\2011-\Smart Key FORD\Israel\EXPLORER\2011-\Immobilizer FORD\Israel\FOCUS\2011-2014\Immobilizer FORD\South America\ECOSPORT\2003-2008\Immobilizer […]

Lonsdor K518 Update on May.17,2019

May 17, 2019 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518 Newest Update on May.17,2019 Immobilization: Lancia/Delta/Read PIN code & Make dealer key Software Optimization Hyundai/Accent/Europe,2017/Read Pin Code(46chip) VW/IMMO4/NEC95320(Jetta  Bora)/Backup eeprom & Learn Key […]

Lonsdor K518 Update Renault on May.10,2019

May 10, 2019 K518ise 0

Lonsdor K518 Update Renault Immobilization and Software Optimization on May.10,2019.  Update details: Immobilization: Renault TWINGO 3/Program Key Software Optimization:Renault CAPTUR/Program KEY, Renault Clio IV/2012-/Program Key