Lonsdor K518S Program OPEL Corsa 2008 Key

Lonsdor K518s is tailored and perfect for vehicle locksmith with powerful functions. It supports Immobilization, Odometer adjustment etc. and can be used for European, American, Asian cars. Here share the step-by-step guide to use K518S to program keys to OPEL Corsa 2008.


Connect LONDSOR K518S auto key programmer to vehicle via OBD

Insert original key into vehicle to start the car

Enter LONDSOR K518S menu

Go to Immobilization-> OPEL-> IMMO->Select from vehicle-> Corsa-D-> Immobilizer

Downloading application…

Relevant operation display

Select “Read PIN code”

Please switch ignition ON, and click “OK”

Verifying PIN code, please wait…

Lonsdor K518S key programmer detects the anti-theft PIN code: 5457

Select “Add key”

Insert unprogrammed key and turn ignition ON

It shows currently programmed keys is 1

Enter 4-digit PIN code and then click “OK”

Make sure the input pin code is correct

Click “OK” to continue

Currently programmed key is 2

Switch the ignition off

Switch the ignition on, click “OK” to continue

K518S Programming Opel Corsa complete

Remote and start the car successfully