How to use Lonsdor Toyota / Lexus smart key emulator chip 39 (128bit) & 94/D4?

This file is on how to use Lonsdor Toyota/Lexus the 5th emulator for Chip 39 (128 bit,SKE Orange)
chip 94/D4 (SKE Black).

This help file basically includes 4 parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and



Operational process for all key lost

Please confirm whether emulator key (SKE) is bound to K518 device beforehand.

Backup EEPROM data-> Generate new data-> Dismantle immo box and write

new data to EEPROM-> Generate SKE-> Add/delete smart key

  1. Backup original EEPROM immo data.
  2. Use backup data to generate new data.
  3. System certify and generate new data automatically, and program SKE to

become an available key,which can open dashboard.,before key programming.

  1. Add a smart key.
  2. Delete programmed key.
  3. Bind SKE: Require to bind all SKE to K518 for the first use.


Operational process for all key lost

Please confirm whether K518 is bound to emulator key (SKE).

  1. Backup EEPROM data–> 2. Generate emulator key (SKE)–> 3. Use SKE to

switch ignition ON–> 4. Add smart key


  1. Backup EEPROM immo data.
  2. Generate a SKE for emergency use.
  3. Put the SKE close to start button and dashboard will be lit up.
  4. Add a smart key.
  5. Delete a smart key.

Bind emulator key

  1. This function can bind emulator key (SKE-LT series) to K518 host.
  2. Please insert key to be bound into the host slot.
  3. System is binding… Program key when key binding complete.

Backup EEPROM data

  1. This function can backup EEPROM data.

Generate SKE for emergency when data backup complete.

Insert SKE to switch ignition ON and open dashboard.

  1. Receiving vehicle immo data… Please wait patiently.
  2. Please name EEPROM backup data.
  3. Data backup succeed.Please select “generate emulator key”function to generate a spare key for emergency.

Generate emulator key

  1. This function can generate a spare master key when all keys are lost, which can

open dashboard to add other keys.

  1. Receiving local backup data…
  2. System shows current data and notify key type.
  3. Insert bound emulator key (corresponding color/type) into K518 host slot, and press

round button on the key.

  1. Generating SKE … Please wait for 5 minutes patiently.
  2. When SKE is generated,press round button on it and put it against start button of

vehicle, and try to open dashboard.If the dashboard is lit up, please use SKE to

program and add new keys.


Add smart key

  1. Put SKE or available key against ignition switch and switch ignition ON till

dashboard is lit up.

  1. System communication, getting info about key numbers…
  2. Put registered smart key against vehicle start button, and remove it when

buzzer beeps once.

  1. Put smart key (to be registered) at start button of vehicle in 30 seconds, and

remove it when buzzer beeps twice.

  1. Please wait till key registration complete. Operation succeed.


Delete smart key

  1. Put emulator key or available key close to ignition switch and switch ignition ON till

dashboard is lit up.

  1. System communication, getting info about key numbers…
  2. Put back of registered smart key close to vehicle start button, and remove it

when buzzer beeps once.

  1. System is deleting key… Deleting succeed. Smart key (away from start button) will be deleted.

Bind emulator key: Require to power on the device when put emulator key into Attentions

K518 host slot.

  1. System will read backup data of vehicle to generate emulator key and prompt

to choose corresponding key type(refer to back of the emulator).

4.For Carola/Vios/Zelas all key lost, programming is not available in a state of alarm.


Chip type 94/D4(SKE black), 88/A8(SKE red), A9(SKE blue), 39(SKE orange)
Remote control type Specific smart key
Key embryo No. Specific smart key
Password required or not Not required.
Remote control   Generate automatically when smart key programming complete.
OBD position Under steering wheel
Reference pics  

Smart key appearance for part of Toyota series

Toyota series:

2008  Reiz 0111  smart key

2008  RAV4 0111 smart key

2008  Prado 0140 smart key

2008  Camry 0140 smart key

2008  Corolla 0111 smart key

2008  Cruiser A433 smart key

2008  Alfa      smart key

2008  Previa    smart key

2008  Lexus 0140  smart key

2010  Camry 3370  smart key

2010  Prado 3370  smart key

2010  Reiz 5290  smart key

2010  Crown 5290 smart key

2010  Lexus 3370  smart key

2010  Camry 0020 smart key

2012  Reiz 7930  smart key

2012  Crown 7930 smart ky

2012  Prado 7930 smart key

2012  RAV4 7980  smart key

2013  Lexus ES GS IS smart key

2014  RAV4  2-button smart key

2014  RAV4    3- button smart key

2014  New vios/Yaris L smart key

Lexus smart key,select from PCB type:

89904-30291(0140 PCB  ES350 old ver. )

89904-50430(3370 PCB  ES240/ES350 new ver.)

89904-48321 (5290 PCB  PX270)

89904-28132(0780 PCB  5-button Previa)

89904-6071 (A433 PCB  Cruiser)

89904-0041(0111PCB RAV4 3-buttonReiz Carola)